PlayStation Network has begun restoration

Sony announced it has begun restoring the PlayStation Network. It should currently be available in most, if not all areas of the U.S.

MLB.TV subscribers on PlayStation 3 will need to check for a system update and one will be available if the PlayStation Network has been restored in their area. After installing the system update, PlayStation Network subscribers will be prompted to change their PlayStation Network password. After changing the password and logging in, MLB.TV subscribers will be able to launch the MLB.TV app.

For the latest information, please refer to the PlayStation blog – .


New Boxee Box Firmware Release

Boxee update

New firmware for Boxee Box was released!

This new version 1.1 for the Boxee Box enabled several updates to our MLB.TV app – watch live and archived games, jump to specific innings or game events, see pop-up data on every pitch, and improved in-game rewinding and fast-forwarding.

PlayStation 3

MLB.TV on PlayStation 3 debuted in April 2010.

May 6, 2011 update: As a result of the continuing PlayStation Network outage, MLB.TV subscribers still cannot access their subscriptions on their PS3s. We apologize for any ongoing inconvenience caused by the PlayStation Network outage and recognize that not being able to access MLB.TV on PS3 may be frustrating. We will provide new information about accessing MLB.TV on your PS3 if and when it becomes available. For more information regarding the PlayStation Network outage, please refer to the PlayStation blog –

MLB.TV on PlayStation 3 FAQ


MLB.TV was launched on LG Blu-ray Player or Home Theater in May 2010.

MLB.TV currently is compatible with the following LG models:
2010 LED/LCD: LEX 9 series, LEX 8 series, LX9500 series, LE8500 series, LE7600 series, LX6500 series, LE5500 series, LE5400 series
2010 Plasma: PK950 series, PK750 series
2010 Blu-ray: BD590, BX580, BD570, BD550,
2011 Blu-ray: BD690, BD670, BD650
2011 Net-top Box: ST600 Smart TV Upgrader
2010 Home Theater: LHB975, LHB535, LHB335
2011 Home Theater: LHB976, LHB536, LHB336



MLB.TV debuted on Internet connected Samsung TV or Blu-ray Disc™ Players in October 2010.

May 5, 2011 Update: We have confirmed that some blu-ray devices and TVs have audio drop outs and freezes for some users. We are working with Samsung to determine if a firmware update will fix the problem or if there is an insurmountable hardware limitation.

Current list of MLB.TV accessible Samsung Internet Connected Devices

MLB.TV on Samsung FAQ


MLB.TV was launched on 2011 Panasonic VIERA HD Televisions in March 2011. It currently is compatible with the following televisions: TC-P65VT30, TC-P55VT30, TC-P65GT30, TC-P60GT30, TC-P55GT30, TC-P50GT30, TC-65PST34, TC-P65ST30, TC-P60ST30, TC-P55ST30, TC-50PST34, TC-P50ST30, TC-P46ST30, TC-P42ST30.

MLB.TV on Panasonic FAQ


MLB.TV on Roku has been available since July 2009. Check back for development updates as they are made available.

MLB.TV on Roku FAQ


MLB.TV was launched on Popbox in March 2011.

MLB.TV on Popbox FAQ

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Apple TV

Access to MLB.TV on Apple TV launched in March 2011. It is available on the second generation Apple TV (black).

Additional developments will be posted here as they are available.

MLB.TV on Apple TV FAQ


MLB.TV on Boxee has been available since June 2009. Stay tuned for development updates as they are made available.

Boxee can be downloaded here.

MLB.TV on Boxee FAQ